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Recent Acquisitions

New documents are always arriving at the archives, and we're very pleased about that! If you have a document or collection you would like to deposit please contact us.
We have listed our new acquisitions below, and the list will be updated regularly. It takes us a while to get documents ready for the public, therefore you may not find the items on this page in the on-line collections. If you would like to know more about anything listed below please contact us.

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Thomas French & Sons illustrated lecture on curtains (Ref: CDC/ED/VA/34)
Box containing 6 booklets and associated transparencies on the subject of making curtains and loose covers, and also one on the Royal visit by the Princess Elizabeth to the Thomas French & Sons factory in Manchester in 1949.
Acc.No: 2958   Date of material: c. 1950   Extent: 1 box   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

1889 - A Year to Remember (Ref: ADX/1292)
1889 - A Year to Remember: A Harvest of Cuttings from the Farming Press.
   A Commemorative Publication to celebrate 100 years of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 1889-1989

Acc.No: 2957   Date of material: 1989   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1292) 

Welsh Agricultural College (Ref: DYC/WAC/1)
Material relating to the establishment of the Welsh Agricultural College
   1. Copy. Agreement for the establishment and maintenance of the college between Dyfed CC and other County Councils. 1976.
   2. Welsh Agricultural College: Instrument of Government. C. 1990
   3. Welsh Agricultural College: Scheme for Further Education, Articles of Government. C. 1990

Acc.No: 2956   Date of material:    Extent: 1file   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/WAC) 

Environment Agency Wales reports (Ref: ADX/1291)
1. Environment Agency Wales: Local Environment Agency Plan, Teifi Valley Consultation Report, January 1999
   2. Asiantaeth yr Amgylchedd Cymru: Cynllun Lleol Asiantaeth yr Amgylchedd, Gogledd Ceredigion, Ionawr 1999

Acc.No: 2955   Date of material: 1999   Extent: 0.022m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1291) 

Ceredigion County Council Best Value Performance Plans (Ref: CSC/DCLS/4)
1. Ceredigion County Council Best Value Evaluation Study: Performance Plan for 1999-2000
   2. Ceredigion County Council Best Value Performance Plan 2000/2001
   3. Ceredigion County Council Best Value Performance Plan 2001/2002

Acc.No: 2954   Date of material: 2000   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/DCLS/4) 

Primary schools inspection reports (Ref: CSC/ED/20)
Primary schools inspection reports
   1. Aberaeron, 1999
   2. Aberbanc, 2001
   3. Aberporth, 2001
   4. Blaenporth, 1999
   5. Bronant, 2000
   6. Capel Cynon, 2000
   7. Capel Dewi, 2001
   8. Cardigan - Ysgol Gymunedol y Plant Bach, 2001
   9. Cardigan Junior School, 2000
   10. Cenarth, 2004
   11. Ciliau Parc, 1999
   12. Coedybryn, 2001
   13. Comins Coch, 1999
   14. Cribyn, 2003
   15. Cwmpadarn, 1999
   16. Cwrtnewydd, 2000
   17. Felinfach, 2004
   18. Ferwig, 2004
   19. Glynarthen, 2001
   20. Gwenlli, 2003
   21. Llanarth, 2001
   22. Llanddewi Brefi, 1998
   23. Llandysul, 2004
   24. Llanfarian, 2003
   25. Llanfihangel y Creuddyn, 1999
   26. Llangeitho, 2001
   27. Llangynfelyn, 2000
   28. Llanilar, 2004
   29. Llanllwchaearn, 1999
   30. Llanwnnen, 2000
   31. Llechryd, 2001
   32. Lledrod, 2003
   33. Myfenydd, 1998. With separate Section 23 Inspection of Worship report.
   34. New Quay, 2003
   35. Penmorfa, 2003
   36. Pennant, 2003
   37. Penparc, 2002
   38. Penrhyn-coch, 2000
   39. Plascrug, 2000
   40. Pontsian, 2005
   41. Pontrhydfendigaid, 2000
   42. Rhydlewis, 2003
   43. Rhydypennau, 1999
   44. Swyddffynnon, 2000
   45. Syr John Rhys, Ponterwyd, 2004
   46. Talgarreg, 2003
   47. Talybont, 2003
   48. Trefeurig, 2004
   49. Tregaron, 2000
   50. Tregroes, 1999
   51. Trewen, 2004
   52. Lampeter Comprehensive, 2000
   53. Penweddig, 1999

Acc.No: 2953   Date of material: 1998-2001   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/ED/20) 

The Pughs of Plas Abermad (Ref: ADX/1290)
Comb-bound volume: Transcript of 'Granny Pugh's Journal' along with family photographs and other material. 'Granny Pugh' was Veronica Pugh, wife of Lewis Pugh of Plas Abermad, Llanilar. Compiled by a descendant, Christopher Evans, in 2003
Acc.No: 2952   Date of material: 2003   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1290) 

Aberystwyth Ramblers (Ref: DSO/127)
Ramblers Association: Aberystwyth Group records
   Walks programmes, newsletters, AGM reports, printed material etc.

Acc.No: 2951   Date of material:    Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(DSO/127) 

Fire Officer's files (Ref: CDC/FI/2)
Files of correspondence relating to licensing of commercial premises and associated fire inspections by Carmarthenshire & Cardiganshire Joint Fire Brigade. Mostly Cardigan town and surrounding area.
   1. Various premises
   2. Pavilion Cinema, Cardigan
   3. Yr Hafod, Cardigan
   4. Woolworths, Cardigan
   5. Guild Hall, Cardigan
   6. Lion Garage, Cardigan

Acc.No: 2950   Date of material: 1955   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

John Bennison's testimonial, 1932. (Ref: ADX/1289)
1. Royal Humane Society Honorary Testimonial presented to John Bennison for saving a youth from drowning in the sea on 22 August 1932 in Aberystwyth.
   2. Print of sheep on a hillside, entitled 'Sea-Girt Pastures', from a painting by R. Watson. Used as backing for no. 1, above; discovered upon removing it from frame.

Acc.No: 2949   Date of material: 1932   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1289) 

Childminder's register (Ref: DB/90)
'Childminder's Cashbook and Attendance Register 1991-1992' of an Aberystwyth childminder.
Acc.No: 2948   Date of material: 1991   Extent: 1 file   Access:  Show catalogue(DB/90) 

Llanfihangel y Creuddyn Tithe Map (Ref: ADX/1288)
Photocopy of the Llanfihangel y Creuddyn Tithe Map
Acc.No: 2947   Date of material: Original-1847   Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1288) 

Capt. George Bennett Evans (Ref: ADX/1287)
Llungopi: Papur ysgrifennu penawdedig a ddefnyddid gan Cat. George Bennett Evans, Peithyll, Capel Dewi, pan oedd yn byw yno c. 1930. /
   Photocopy: Headed writing paper as used by Capt. George Bennett Evans of Peithyll, Capel Dewi, when he lived there c. 1930.

Acc.No: 2946   Date of material: c. 1930   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1287) 

DHPW records (Ref: CSC/DHPW/5)
Records of the Ceredigion Council, Dept. of Highways, Properties and Works and its predecessor bodies.
Acc.No: 2945   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Blaenwern Villa (Ref: ADX/1286)
Photocopies of deeds relating to Blaenwern Villa in the p. of Llangybi
   1. Lease of fields (formerly part of Blaenwern Villa) for 60 years. Wilmot Inglis Jones Esq. to Miss Margaret Williams and Miss Elizabeth Williams. 28 June 1911
   2. Conveyance of Blaenwern Villa. Wilmot Inglis Jones to Miss Margaret Williams. 17 October 1944
   3. Mortgage of Agricultural Property to secure own Account. Henry Edward Riley of Blaenwern Villa to Lloyds Bank Ltd. 17 January 1951
   4. Mortgage of Agricultural Property to secure own liabilities. William Edwin Smith of Blaenwern Villa to Lloyds Bank Ltd. 16 May 1952
   5. Legal Charge of Blaenwern Villa to secure 1000 with interest. Mr. W.E. Smith to Mrs. Sarah Anne Edwards. 8 December 1953
   6. Abstract of the title of William Edwin Smith to Blaenwern Villa. 4 October 1954
   7. Conveyance of Blaenwern Villa. W. Edwin Smith Esq. to Mrs. G. Myfanwy Oliver. 5 October 1954
   8. Deposit of deeds to secure account, power of attorney and declaration of trust. Gwladys Myfanwy Oliver of Blaenwern Villa to Barclays Bank Ltd. 31 March 1955
   9. Mortgage of Blaenwern Villa. Mrs. G. M. Oliver to Mr. John Jones. 24 October 1955
   10. Conveyance of Blaenwern Villa. Mrs. G.M. Oliver to Mr. John Morgan. 11 October 1956

Acc.No: 2944   Date of material: 1911-1956   Extent: 10 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1286) 

Girl Guides (Ref: DSO/17/addl)
Further items relating to the Girl Guides
   93. The Brownie Test Card
   94. Girl Guides Warrant certifying that the Local Association of Aberystwyth Girl Guides is registered at the Girl Guides Headquarters. 6 September 1921
   95. Card (handmade) - 1st Cardigan Girl Guides listing Guides' names and with mounted photographs of the guides in action. c. 1940.
   96. Wrist compass

Acc.No: 2943   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Records relating to housing (Ref: CDC/PL/14; ABM/HI/5/85)
CDC/PL/14: File containing pattern books for 'Wates', 'Kingston' and 'Woolaway' houses, also correspondence relating thereto. Also contained material re 'Seco' bungalows but it is not in the file.
   ABM/HI/5/85: Plans for utilities at North Road (Aberystwyth) flats (c. 1974-75)
   ABM/HI/5...: Penybont housing site file

Acc.No: 2942   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Ceredigion District Council reports (Ref: CDD/SE/21)
1. Ceredigion Housing Report 1975
   2. Historic Towns in Ceredigion: Archaeological Implications of Redevelopment. Urban Research Unit: Ian Soulsby and Dilwyn Jones, 1976
   Box of misc. inc., reports, sale particulars, minutes and agendas, and a photo of elephants on Aberystwyth beachoriginally in a loose pile in a box lid!

Acc.No: 2941   Date of material: 1975-76   Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDD/SE/21) 

Christmas ephemera and extracts (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/19)
Collection of magazines, ephemera, photocopied extracts and notes about Christmas customs, folklore and the celebration of Christmas in Wales (material for a lecture or talk by the County Archivist)
Acc.No: 2940   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file & 1loose item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Carrog, Llanddeiniol (Ref: ADX/1285)
Estate agent's sales particulars for Carrog, Llanddeiniol.
Acc.No: 2939   Date of material: c. early 1990s   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1285) 

Common Land registers and maps (Ref: DYC/PL/6/addl)
Common Land registers and maps
Acc.No: 2938   Date of material:    Extent: 0.031m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Western Mail cuttings (Ref: DYC/RO/7)
Cuttings from Western Mail (and some other papers) mostly relating to events in Aberystwyth/ Ceredigion/Dyfed area. Assembled by Dyfed Archive Service.
   Includes article on Florrie Hamer.

Acc.No: 2937   Date of material: 1976-77   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/RO/7) 

Map of Cardiganshire (Ref: ADX/1284)
G. & J. Cary printed map of Cardiganshire, 2'' to 1 mile.
Acc.No: 2936   Date of material: 1829   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1284) 

Further Museum items (Ref: MUS/203)
Further items received via Ceredigion Museum
Acc.No: 2935   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Capt. R. W. Roberts of Oronsay (Ref: MUS/230)
Papers of Capt. R. W. Roberts of the ship Oronsay. Includes numerous photographs
Acc.No: 2934   Date of material: 1920s-1960s approx.   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Capel Seion School records (Ref: CSE/R/1, CSE/AR/23-30)
Admissions register 1992-1999 - CSE/R/1
   Attendance register (babanod) 2003/4 - CSE/AR/23
   Attendance register (iau) 2003/4 - CSE/AR/24
   Attendance register (babanod) 2004/5 - CSE/AR/25
   Attendance register (iau) 2004/5 - CSE/AR/26
   Attendance register (babanod) 2005/6 - CSE/AR/27
   Attendance register (iau) 2005/6 - CSE/AR/28
   Attendance register (babanod) 2006/7 - CSE/AR/29
   Attendance register (iau) 2006/7 - CSE/AR/30

Acc.No: 2933   Date of material: 1992-2007   Extent: 9 items   Access: CLOSED 100 years Not yet in the catalogue

Bronant school records (Ref: BRN/R/1, BRN/3; CSC/ED/19)
Admissions register 1877-2011 - BRN/R/1
   Log Book 1922-1994 - BRN/3
   1. CD-Rom: Canmlwyddiant Ysgol Bronant 1911-2011
   2. Trophy shield, Chwaraeon Potes Cylch Tregaron
   3. Trophy shield, Tarian Deriodwyn

Acc.No: 2932   Date of material: 1877-2011   Extent: 0.017m^3   Access: BRN: closed; others- open Show catalogue(CSC/ED/19) 

Perthyn, cylchgronau eraill, rhaglenni (Ref: ADX/499)
Taflenni angladd- ADX/499/
   92. Marie Orilia Biggin d. 2011
   93. David Morris Thomas (Dai Tom) d. 2011
   94. John Sinnett Jones m. 2010
   ADX/499/A: Perthyn rh. 194-198, 201
   ADX/499/B: Llawlyfr Capel y Morfa Aberystwyth ac Ebeneser, Penparcau 2010
   - Yr Angor rh. 335-337
   -Golwg cyfrol 23 rh. 34 (Mai 2011)
   - Y Tabernacl, Aberystwyth: Adroddiad am 2000 a llawlyfr am 2001
   - 50 - Penblwydd Hapus! Aelwyd yr Urdd, Aberystwyth yn 50 oed
    - Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru, Aberystwyth (1992): rhaglen a thocyn Cymanfa Ganu
    - Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru, Aberystwyth (1992): rhaglen Sioe Gerdd i Blant
   - Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Is-Genedlaethol Aberteifi (1954) - rhaglen y dydd
   - Programme for a performance of Blodwen by Joseph Parry by the Drefach (Llanelly) and District Choral and Operatic Society at the Pavilion, Cardigan, on 20 March 1952
   - Programme for a Christmas concert by the Cardigan and District Choral Society at Capel Mair, Cardigan, on 22 December 1948
   - Tywysydd y Plant, rh. 10 cyf. LXXVIII, Hydref 1915
   - Cymru'r Plant, cyf. LXIII, rh. 745
   - Antur cyf. 4 rh. 12

Acc.No: 2931   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Educational Psychology service records (Ref: DYC/ED/32)
Records of Cardiganshire and then Dyfed County Council Educational Psychology service
Acc.No: 2930   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Posters (Ref: ADX/1283)
1. Poster advertising sale of 'all the Freehold Estates late of John Lloyd, Esquire, deceased, called the Mabws and Ffos y Bleiddiaid Estates (except the Mabws mansion and demesne)' to be held in Aberystwyth on 5 July 1824
   2. Poster advertising 'Gwyl Cerdd Dant Cymru 1960 i'w chynnal yn Llandysul' [a Welsh music festival to be held in Llandysul]

Acc.No: 2929   Date of material: 1824 and 1960   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1283) 

Map of 'Four Forests' or 'Bishop's Forests' (Ref: ADX/1282)
Map of Four Forests, Llanddewi Brefi
Acc.No: 2928   Date of material: 1787   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1282) 

Map of Aberystwyth, 1809 (Ref: ADX/1281)
Photocopy: William Couling's map of Aberystwyth, 1809.
   Central Aberystwyth part of the map is available in the searchroom.

Acc.No: 2927   Date of material: Original-1809   Extent: 1 roll   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1281) 

Ceredigion Public transport map, 2002. (Ref: CSC/DHPW/T/8)
Laminated map of public transport routes in Ceredigion
Acc.No: 2926   Date of material: 2002   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Penweddig school (formerly Ardwyn) (Ref: CSC/DHPW/4)
File of plans, correspondence and other material relating to Penweddig School, Aberystwyth (the old school building, formerly Ardwyn County Grammar School, not the new Penweddig building in Plas Crug)
Acc.No: 2925   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Borough of Aberystwyth Corporate Estate report (Ref: ABM/SE/5/3)
Borough of Aberystwyth Corporate Estate report prepared ahead of the forthcoming local government reorganization of 1974
Acc.No: 2924   Date of material: 1972   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Lifeboat Exhibition, June 1999 (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/18)
Photocopies of archival material and notes relating to the Aberystwyth lifeboat, prepared for the purpose of an exhibition in June 1999.
Acc.No: 2923   Date of material: 1999   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire Board of Guardians, Lampeter Union (Ref: CBG/LP/19-21)
19. Return of the sums received and expended for the year ended 31st March, 1923
   20. List of paupers and general statement of account for the year ended 31st March, 1915
   21. Appointment of relieving officer, 10 June 1927

Acc.No: 2922   Date of material: 1915-1927   Extent:    Access: Some DP issues Show catalogue(CBG) 

Penglais School Prospectus and Survey of Llanbadarn Churchyard (Ref: DYC/ED/31)
Penglais School Prospectus 1982/83 and 2 copies of the Penglais School History Society's survey of Llanbadarn Churchyard.
Acc.No: 2921   Date of material: 1976 and 1982   Extent: 0.017m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/ED/31) 

Saint David's Day material from the Welsh Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles (Ref: MUS/231)
Saint David's Day material from the Welsh Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles, USA
   1. Concert programme for St. David's Day, 1997. Conductor is Michael J. Lewis, originally from Aberystwyth)
   2. Poster for same
   3. Welsh Mosaics - Newsletter of the Welsh Church, Los Angeles, vol. 2 no. 15 (Feb. 1997)
   4. Letter from the depositor (not to be produced)

Acc.No: 2920   Date of material: 1997   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open except no. 4 Not yet in the catalogue

Plans, Aberystwyth and Cardigan Library (Ref: DYC/A/4)
Plans of various building works at Aberystwyth Library and Avondale (used by the library for a time). Also plan of new library at Cardigan
Acc.No: 2919   Date of material: 1954-1974   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/A/4) 

Lledrod Lower Community Council (Ref: Lledrod Lower CC)
Maps and paperwork relating to registration of common land in the Mynydd Bach area (covered by Lledrod Lower Community Council), c. 1968. Also map of area covered by Lower Lledrod CC.
Acc.No: 2918   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ysgol Rhydypennau School photograph (Ref: CSC/ED/18)
Large framed colour photograph of staff and pupils of Rhydypennau School, 2004
Acc.No: 2917   Date of material: 2004   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/ED/18) 

Arts Centre publications (Ref: ADX/1280)
1. Aberystwyth Arts Centre programme Sept-Dec 1997
   2. Aberystwyth Arts Centre: programme for Celtic Film and Television Festival 2000

Acc.No: 2916   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1280) 

Various printed booklets, programmes and reports (Ref: ADX/253/addl.)
1. Rhaglenni Eisteddfod Teulu James Pantyfedwen, Pontrhydfendigaid
   2. O Fedel Pantyfedwen: Cyfansoddiadau Llenyddol Buddugol
   3. Programmes Eisteddfod Rhys Thomas James (Pantyfedwen), Llanbedr Pont Steffan
   4. Rhaglen Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Frenhinol Cymru (Aberystwyth) 1992
   5. Rhaglen/Programme: The Sixty First Welsh National Cymanfa Ganu, Kansas City, Missouri, Sept. 3-6, 1992
   6. Aberystwyth and District Citizens' Advice Bureau Annual Report 1991-1992
   7. 2 pamphlets by Gwyn A. Williams: Gwerinaeth y Siluriaid/The Silurian Republic and Heddwch a Grym: Henry Richard, Radical i'n hamser ni/Peace and Power: Henry Richard, A Radical for our time
   8. Bws Dyfed timetables
   9. Coleg Ceredigion Prospectus 1991-92
   10. College of Librarianship Wales postgraduate prospectus 1981
   11. Cwysi Ceredigion 1993
   12. Programme: Grand Celebrity Concert in aid of refurbishing the Cardigan Secondary School grand piano. Recital by Margaret Price CBE.
   13. Capel Tabernacl, Aberystwyth-Adroddiad am 1992 a Llawlyfr am 1993
   14. Adroddiadau etc. Capel Seilo/Siloh, Aberystwyth
   15. Adroddiadau Capel Mair, Aberteifi
   16. Adroddiadau Eglwys Gynulleiddfaol Y Tabernacl Cymreig, King's Cross, Llundain
   17. Adroddiadau Eglwys Gymreig Annibynnol Harrow
   18. Adroddiadau Capel MC Pontrhydfendigaid
   19. Adroddiadau Eglwys Annibynnol Nanternis
   20. Adroddiad Eglwys Annibynnol Tabernacl Woolton Rd Lerpwl 1972
   21. Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru, Henaduriaeth Liverpool: Ystadegau 1972
   22. Welsh Independents College Annual Report 1992-93

Acc.No: 2915   Date of material:    Extent: 0.017m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Aberaeron Fire Station Drill Towers (Ref: DYC/A/3)
Dyfed County Council file on Aberaeron Fire Station Drill Towers. Contains correspondence, plans, specifications etc.
Acc.No: 2914   Date of material: 1973-1974   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/A/3) 

North Cardiganshire Water Board, Augmentation Scheme Maps (Ref: )

Acc.No: 2913   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Cofrestri ysgol Sul a llyfrau nodiadau (Ref: ADX/1278)
1. 'Llyfr yr Athro' Ysgol Sul Abermeurig rh. 1
   2. 'Llyfr yr Athro' Ysgol Sul Swyddffynnon rh. 4. Athro: Mrs. Davies
   3. Anerchiadau crefyddol, Evan Evans, Tyreglwys, Llangybi. 1876
   4. Anerchiadau crefyddol, Evan Evans, Tyreglwys, Llangybi. 1877

Acc.No: 2912   Date of material: 1870s   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1278) 

Map of New Quay (Ref: ADX/1277)
Enlarged Ordnance Survey 25'' County Series (2nd ed.) map of New Quay.
Acc.No: 2911   Date of material: c. 1911   Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1277) 

Aberystwyth Harbour manifests, 3 boxes. See acc 442 & 446. (Ref: ABM/HA)

Acc.No: 2910   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(ABM) 

Dyfed County Finance 1976-77 (Ref: DYC/TR/2)
Booklet: Dyfed County Finance 1976-77
Acc.No: 2909   Date of material: 1977   Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/TR/2) 

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