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Recent Acquisitions

New documents are always arriving at the archives, and we're very pleased about that! If you have a document or collection you would like to deposit please contact us.
We have listed our new acquisitions below, and the list will be updated regularly. It takes us a while to get documents ready for the public, therefore you may not find the items on this page in the on-line collections. If you would like to know more about anything listed below please contact us.

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Records of the Women's Institute (Ref: D/WI)
Records of various Cardiganshire branches of the Women's Institute
Acc.No: 3178   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(D/WI/LBF) 

Guide books (Ref: MUS/119)
Various Wales and Aberystwyth guide books.
Acc.No: 3177   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/119) 

North Cardiganshire Silver Lead Mining Company (Ref: DB/95)
Register of subscribers to the North Cardiganshire Silver Lead Mining Company, which was formed to work the Talybont and Allt-y-Crib mines. The principal shareholders were Thomas R. Bourne of Bristol, Edgar Atwood of Aberystwyth and Jonathon Pell of Talybont.
   May - Nov 1881

Acc.No: 3176   Date of material: 1881   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Scanned photograph (Ref: ADX/1379)
Scanned photograph of depositor's grandfather Jenkin Rees and other family members with the Aberystwyth - Aberaeron post van outside the Belle Vue Hotel in Aberystwyth.
   Also photocopy of article by Will O'Whispers 'Gee-up for the post' which mentions, inter alia, Jenkin Rees and his postal round.

Acc.No: 3175   Date of material: Original c. 1905   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1379) 

St. David's Diocesan Moral Welfare Committee (Ref: DSO/138)
1. Annual reports of the St. David's Diocesan Moral Welfare Committee 1963-1966 and 1968.
   2. St. David's Diocesan Board of Finance Report and Accounts, 1964.

Acc.No: 3174   Date of material: 1963-1968   Extent: 6 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Various Cardiganshire County Council records (Ref: CDC/HI/8; CDC/SE/30; CDC/SS/111; CDC/TR/119)
CDC/HI/8: Drainage Schemes and Plans - Amended. 1 file, containing details of various drainage schemes, plans, maps, estimates and other material. Mostly 1952.
   CDC/SE/30: Cardiganshire Standing Joint Committee: Notices of Motion. 1 vol. 1889-1890, then 1934-1941
   CDC/SS/111: File of material relating to the administration of remand homes. 1952-1971.
   CDC/TR/119: File of material relating to Welsh church funds grant to St. John's College, Ystrad Meurig. Includes the School's prospectus. C. 1960-1963.

Acc.No: 3173   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(CDC/SS) 

James Brindley and the Early Engineers by Samuel Smiles (Ref: MUS/325)
Book: James Brindley and the Early Engineers by Samuel Smiles. Contains a section on Sir Hugh Myddelton and Welsh silver and lead mines, notably Cwm Symlog.
   Volume was presented as a prize to Sparke, a pupil at Cheltenham College (Military and Civil Dept.), in 1867.

Acc.No: 3172   Date of material: 1864   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ardwyn reunion photograph (Ref: ADX/1378)
1. Group photograph taken during an early reunion of the Ardwyn Old Pupils Association, against the background of the school building.
   2. Essay by Huw Spencer Lloyd exploring the context of the photograph

Acc.No: 3171   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1378) 

Dyfed County Council printed records (Ref: DYC/ECD/2; DYC/HI/5)
DYC/ECD/2: Services Directory for Dyfed: 1st edition. No date.
   DYC/HI/5: Dyfed County Council: Community Transport Policy Consultation Document, January 1988

Acc.No: 3170   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/HI/5) 

Dyfed Councillors (Ref: DYC/CC/2)
Election addresses and manifestos of Messrs. Robert Harris (Lampeter), Wynn Cowell and Dr Peter Goodman (Aberystwyth, Ward 2)

Acc.No: 3169   Date of material: 1981   Extent: 1 file   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Supplement to The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Cardiganshire (Ref: ADX/1021/2)
A Supplement to Dr. J.H. Salter’s The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Cardiganshire. Edited by A.E. Wade with a foreword by Lily Newton.
   University of Wales Press

Acc.No: 3168   Date of material: 1952   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Items from the Museum (Ref: MUS/320-323)
MUS/320. Maritime Interests in Aberystwyth in the Nineteenth Century by W. Holmes-Evans.
   MUS/321. Tariff and terms leaflet (prices left blank) for Ashley's Hotel and Restaurant, Promenade, Aberystwyth (Proprietors: Mr. & Mrs. T. I. Jones)
   MUS/322. 'In the Aviary' party game
   MUS/323. Poster from the Daily Mirror newspaper, depicting young Prince Charles, captioned 'Pob hwyl Charles / Good luck Charles', probably to commemorate his term at Aberystwyth University when he took Welsh lessons.

Acc.No: 3167   Date of material:    Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Petition to appoint a curate to a living (Ref: ADX/1377)
Petition to Right Reverend John Banks, Lord Bishop of St Davids, requesting that William Williams be appointed to be Reverend of the curacies of Spytty-Ystwith and Ystradmeiric. Signed ‘[Lord] Lisburne’ witnessed by William Davies.
   Small black seal.

Acc.No: 3166   Date of material: 12 November 1831.   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1377) 

Ysbryd y Mwynwyr / Spirit of the Miners (Ref: CSC/CE/SM/4)
4. Folder containing:
   4.1. Spiral-bound booklet listing grants awarded to local projects by Spirit of the Miners
   4.2. Geology of the Central Wales Orefield - booklet produced by Central Wales RIGS with grant support from Spirit of the Miners
   4.3. Metal Mining in Upland Ceredigion - booklet produced by Dyfed Archaeological Trust with grant support from Spirit of the Miners

Acc.No: 3165   Date of material: c. 2007   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cofrestr derbyn Ysgol Pontgarreg School Admissions register (Ref: POG/R/2)
Ysgol Pontgarreg School, cofrestr derbyn/admissions register
Acc.No: 3164   Date of material: 1944-2011   Extent: 1 item   Access: Closed 100 years Not yet in the catalogue

Material relating to Swyddffynnon & area (Ref: ADX/1376)
Material relating to Swyddffynnon & area

Acc.No: 3163   Date of material:    Extent: 1 box   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1376) 

Dyfed Powys Police Commissioner election, 15 November 2012 (Ref: ADX/1375)
1. Leaflet explaining the purpose of the election (first of its kind in Ceredigion) with instructions on how to cast one's vote
   2. Leaflet promoting the Labour candidate Christine Gwyther

Acc.No: 3162   Date of material: 2012   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1375) 

Tystysgrifau / Certificates, ardal Penrhyncoch area (Ref: ADX/1374)
Various certificates, mostly awarded by religious institutions.
Acc.No: 3161   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Electoral register 2012 (Ref: ER/2012)
2012 Register of Electors for the county of Ceredigion.
Acc.No: 3160   Date of material: 2012   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Ceredigion Council leaflets (Ref: CSC/CE/14)
Leaflets from Ceredigion Council's Chief Executive's Dept.
   1. Balchder Pentrefi (fund supporting improvement of public spaces)
   2. Ysgol Fenter y Cardi (bursaries and training for setting up new businesses)
   3. Cynnal y Cardi (improving quality of life and creating sustainable rural communities)

Acc.No: 3159   Date of material: c. 2012   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/CE/14) 

Civil Defence First Aid Manual (Ref: CDC/EP)
Home Office: Civil Defence First Aid Manual, HMSO, 1954 reprint. Stamped with 'Cardiganshire Civil Defence Dept., 18 Nov. 1954'
Acc.No: 3158   Date of material: 1954   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

The Modern Carpenter and Joiner and Cabinet Maker (Ref: ADX/1373)
Large illustrated volume: The Modern Carpenter and Joiner and Cabinet Maker; A Complete Guide to Current Practice. G. Lister Sutcliffe, (ed.). Vol. 1. Published by Gresham Publishing, London.
   Owner's inscription: WTC Bevan, Oak View, 15 Heiol Tyllwyd, Llanfarian, Aberystwyth.

Acc.No: 3157   Date of material: 1903   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1373) 

Merched y Wawr cylch Llanbedr pont Steffan (Ref: DSO/33/15)
1. Llyfr Cofnodion y Pwyllgor, 14 Gorffennaf 1976-19 Mehefin 1995
   Llyfrau cofnodion
   2. 21 Awst 1972-14 Gorffennaf 1980
   3. 8 Medi 1980-9 Ionawr 1989
   4. 9 Ionawr 1989-14 Chwefror 1994
   5. 14 Chwefror 1994-10 Medi 2001

Acc.No: 3156   Date of material: 1972-2001   Extent: 5 eitem   Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Nant y Moch farm (Ref: ADX/1372)
B/W photographs of Nant y Moch farm and surrounding area before the whole was submerged by the reservoir.
   1. Eldest of the James brothers in front of Nant y Moch farm
   2. View from Nant y Moch farm
   3. Distant view Nant y Moch farm
   4. Nant y Moch farm and chapel
   5. View looking north from Nant y Moch farm
   6. Nant y Moch area
   7. Dam under construction
   8. Chapel at Nant y Moch
   9. Note from the donor

Acc.No: 3155   Date of material: c. 1960   Extent: 8 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1372) 

Public rights of way, bye-laws, commons (Ref: DYC/PL/11, CDC/SE/29,)
Microfilms of definitive maps of public rights of way in Ceredigion from the Dyfed County Council period (1974-1996) - DYC/PL/11
   Cardiganshire County Council Bye-laws, 1930 - CDC/SE/29

Acc.No: 3154   Date of material: 1974-1998   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/SE/29) 

Photographs of railways (Ref: ADX/1371)
Black-and-white photographs of railway stations and trains in Cardiganshire. Dated 1962 unless otherwise indicated. Descriptions from captions on reverse. Photographer - Les Lewis, Llanafan.
   Also set of copies of 10 of the images
   1. Carmarthen train leaving Aberystwyth
   2. Tregaron station from level crossing
   3. Tregaron station, frame stock
   4. Tregaron station looking north
   5. Tregaron station goods yard
   6. Tregaron station looking south
   7. Caradoc Falls halt
   8. Margaret Lewis at Caradoc Falls halt. Photo taken from other side of track to show tunnel.
   9. Aberaeron station c. 1962. Waterboard & Builders Merchant now on site.
   10. Aberaeron station c. 1962.
   11. Steam locomotive 'Baydon Manor' at Strata Florida
   12. Strata Florida station
   13. Strata Florida station
   14. Trolley at Strata Florida
   15. Strata Florida
   16. Strata Florida
   17. Petra & Dexter Lewis - Tynberth Bridge - Dolfor in background - Trawscoed Station away to right
   18. Trawscoed station. No date.

Acc.No: 3153   Date of material: 1962   Extent: 28 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1371) 

Pamphlet about Cilcennin (Ref: ADX/1370)
Cilcennin in the Early Nineteenth Century, by Diane Marshall
Acc.No: 3152   Date of material: c. 2012   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1370) 

Maps (Ref: ADX/1369)
1. OS 1" map, sheet 79 (Llandrindod Wells) - also shows Cardiganshire from Tregaron eastwards. 1932
   2. OS 1" map, sheet 78 (Lampeter). 1932
   3. Map of 'proposed new communities in the district of Ceredigion' (shows boundaries of Community Councils). C. 1974?

Acc.No: 3151   Date of material:    Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1369) 

Map of Cardiganshire (Ref: ADX/1368)
Early 20th century printed map of Cardiganshire. Contains many trade advertisements for Aberystwyth businesses.
Acc.No: 3150   Date of material: c. 1903   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1368) 

Ysgol Pontgarreg (Ref: POG/3; POG/4; ADX/1367)
Log books
   30 September 1949-20 December 1985- POG/3
   4 March 1986-4 March 2005- POG/4
   Hanes Ysgol Pontgarreg [History of Pontgarreg School] 1867-2012 gan/by Jon Meirion Jones (gol./ed.)- ADX/1367

Acc.No: 3149   Date of material: 1949-2012   Extent: 3 items   Access: Log books - CLOSED. Book - open Show catalogue(ADX/1367) 

Nifer o eitemau (Ref: ADX/1366)
1. 'Gwlad fy Nhadau rhodd Cymru i'w byddin'
   2. Cymanfa Ganu ym Mhafiliwn yr Eisteddfod Nos Sul 8 Awst 1976
   3. 'Rhosynnau y Dyffryn', R. Teifi Rees

Acc.No: 3148   Date of material: 1915, 1976, d.d.   Extent: 3 llyfr   Access: agored Show catalogue(ADX/1366) 

M.Phil thesis on Cardiganshire shipping (Ref: ADX/1365)
Investment in Shipping: North Cardiganshire in the Nineteenth Century by John Barrie Rowlands.
   A thesis submitted to Aberystwyth University in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Philosophy.
   Dept. of History and Welsh History, Aberystwyth University

Acc.No: 3147   Date of material: 2012   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1365) 

Deeds relating to Llangwyryfon (Ref: ADX/1364)
1. Indenture between i. Richard Morice of p. Llanrhystud, gent. and John Jenkin of p. Llangwyryfon gent. and ii. Evan Richard of p. Llanychaiarn, gent. Concerning Pengelly, p. Llangwyryfon. 14 May 1765
   2. Indenture between i. Richard Morice of p. Llanrhystud, gent. and Elizabeth his wife, ii. John Jenkin of p. Llangwyryfon gent. and iii. Evan Richard of p. Llanychaiarn, gent. Concerning Pengelly, p. Llangwyryfon. 15 May 1765
   3. Indenture between i. Evan Richard of Pengelly, p. Llangwyryfon and Jane his wife and ii. Ursula Griffith of Llanbadarn y Creuddyn, Parcel Isaf. Sale of Pengelly. Consideration 5s. 8 January 1772

Acc.No: 3146   Date of material: 1765-1772   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1364) 

Winston Churchill and the Freedom of Aberystwyth (Ref: MUS/229)
Reuter's photograph of Winston Churchill being presented with the Freedom of Aberystwyth Borough in 1951.
   Also copy of 2012 Cambrian News article on the subject

Acc.No: 3145   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/229) 

Miscellaneous items (Ref: ADX/709 addl.)
Miscellaneous printed items
Acc.No: 3144   Date of material: 1970s-2010s   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Article on the inquest into the death of Mary Ann Price in 1885 (Ref: ADX/1363)
Typescript and covering letter. Article by Grenville Loyn on the inquest into the death of Mary Ann Price in 1885.
Acc.No: 3143   Date of material: 1990s   Extent: 5ff   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1363) 

Aberystwyth Camera Club (Ref: DSO/137)
Aberystwyth Camera Club
   1. Programme 1970-1971
   2. Programme 1972-1973
   3. Two receipts from Taylor Lloyd chemist (Aberystwyth) to Ron Colley for colour photographic prints, 1975.

Acc.No: 3142   Date of material: 1970-1975   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Booklets on railways (Ref: ADX/1189/12-14)
12. An Illustrated Guide to the Gwili Railway, Wales' First Standard Gauge Steam Hauled Tourist Railway. C. 1981
   13. Cambrian Rail (British Rail Scenic Rail Routes in Mid Wales): Route Guide. 1982
   14. Teifi Valley Railway Tourist Guide. Post-1986.

Acc.No: 3141   Date of material: 20th century   Extent: 1 box   Access: open. Show catalogue(ADX/1189) 

B.J. Jones of Lampeter (Ref: DB/94)
Newsletters and vouchers from B.J. Jones, a department store in Lampeter (closed down in the late 2000s)
Acc.No: 3140   Date of material: 2001-2005   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/94) 

Agoriad Canolfan Alun R. Edwards opening (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/25)
Material relating to the official opening on 13 September 2012 of the new Archive and Library in Aberystwyth's old Town Hall (renamed Canolfan Alun R. Edwards)
   1. Programme of the opening ceremony, to be conducted by Huw Lewis, Minister for Housing, Regeneration and Heritage
   2. Booklet about the conversion of the building into the library and archive, prepared by DHPW.

Acc.No: 3139   Date of material: 2012   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Bronant school, further records (Ref: CSC/ED/19; BRN/4)
Further records of Bronant School, incl. a logbook and photographs
Acc.No: 3138   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth RDC plans (Ref: ABR)
Plans for an Aged Persons' Residence in Bow Street, prepared for Aberystwyth RDC
Acc.No: 3137   Date of material: 1965   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Records of St. Michael and All Angels Church, Tremain (now closed) (Ref: CPR/TMN)
Records of St. Michael and All Angels Church, Tremain (now closed)
   - Minute book, Easter Vestry meetings
   - Book of minutes of PCC meetings
   - Correspondence with architect and receipts for works carried out
   - Various other paperwork incl. photographs.

Acc.No: 3136   Date of material:    Extent: 1 box   Access: Open? Not yet in the catalogue

Y Parchedig Carys Ann, B.A. (Ref: ANC/69)
Llyfryn: Gwahoddiad i Gyfarfod Dathlu Chwarter Canrif Gweinidogaeth Y Parchedig Carys Ann, B.A. 17 Mawrth 2012, Capel Glynarthen (annibynnol)
Acc.No: 3135   Date of material: 2012   Extent: 1 eitem   Access: Agored Show catalogue(ANC/69) 

Slides of Aberystwyth Carnival (Ref: ADX/1362)
13 colour slide transparencies of Aberystwyth Carnival (110 format but in standard frames)
Acc.No: 3134   Date of material: Probably 1976   Extent: 13 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1362) 

Photographs of Ystumtuen (Ref: ADX/1361)
Six early 20th century photographs of Ystumtuen
   1. 'Aunty Annie and Norah, c. 1926-7; Bwlchgwyn to right' against background of village and mine workings incl. headframe
   2. View of Penrhiw Farm, Ystumtuen ('through village then left')
   3. Old mine, Bwlchgwyn with 'family house in background'
   4. Woman with perambulator on a country footpath. Inscribed 'Near Ystumtuen (Road down to Rheidol Valley?)'. 1920s
   5. View of Ystumtuen 'Bwlchgwyn off to left'
   6. View of Ystumtuen

Acc.No: 3133   Date of material: c. 1920s   Extent: 6 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1361) 

Coybal, Llanllwchaiarn (Ref: ADX/1360)
Deeds and other material relating to Coybal, Llanllwchaiarn and families associated with it.
Acc.No: 3132   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1360) 

Morgan and Morgan Jones family, Alltyblaca and Talybont (Ref: ADX/1352)
Further records relating to the families
Acc.No: 3131   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs (Ref: ADX/1352)
Colour photographs (with captions) of people, locations and documents.
Acc.No: 3130   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llyfr Coffad - Book of Remembrance (Ref: CDC/SE/28)
Large leather-bound volume: Llyfr Coffad - Book of Remembrance: 'herein are recorded the names of the men and women of Welsh birth and parentage together with others who gave their lives in the war of 1939-1945'
   Also index of regiments etc. represented in the book and a commemorative poem.

Acc.No: 3129   Date of material: 1958   Extent: 1 vol & 1 typescript   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/SE/28) 

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